Chew the Fat – Chewzie’s Monthly Newsletter: March

Chewzie Stories “We trust the Chewzie platform” Chewzie’s latest customer story features Venue Manager Scott from The Colmslie Hotel in Brisbane. Implementing Chewzie has improved The Colmslie’s customer experience and expectations, while supporting bar and wait staff and increasing upsells. Watch The Colmslie’s Chewzie journey, and see why Chewzie is the only table-ordering platform they […]

New look Chewzie coming soon…

We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of a refreshed, modern, and simple user interface for your customer-facing Chewzie at-table ordering app. While maintaining our position as the fastest, at-table ordering solution on the market, the new interface promises to be a game-changer for our customers, providing an even more streamlined and efficient ordering […]

New Feature Release: Opt-in Marketing

Chewzie’s new feature release allows you to capture customer emails and mobile phone numbers for marketing purposes while helping to grow your venue. Venue’s can now display a marketing opt-in checkbox on your Chewzie checkout page to capture customer email addresses and phone numbers for marketing purposes. Customers can opt out of marketing at any […]

Chew the Fat – Chewzie’s Monthly Newsletter: October

Feature Highlight Advise customers of wait times during busy times As we move into the busy Summer and Christmas seasons, you may see food and beverage wait times in your venue increase. You can easily communicate these wait times via your Chewzie app, to help manage customer expectations. Chewzie can automatically trigger these notifications for […]

Chew the Fat – Chewzie’s Monthly Newsletter: September

Feature Highlight Seamlessly upsell with Pop-up Displays A Pop-Up Display allows a venue to promote products when a customer is about to checkout, or when the customer orders a certain trigger product, with the aim to upsell the customer and increase the average order value. A great example of this is offering a drink with […]

Chew the Fat – Chewzie’s Monthly Newsletter: August

Feature Highlight Save your kitchen with Smart Dockets! The purpose of the Smart Printer Docket Queue is to prevent flooding of dockets to the kitchen. The objective is to keep the runner filled with dockets, then print dockets at a manageable rate for the kitchen and waiters. Venues can also display a wait time to […]

Chew the Fat – Chewzie’s Monthly Newsletter: July

Feature Highlight Deals & Deal Codes Want to offer your members an exclusive deal? Using Chewzie’s Deals can allow you to map promo codes sent to a customer through another marketing channel, offer deals to users logged in as members, and automatically order products when a deal is applied. In the Chewzie Backoffice, simply navigate […]

Chew the Fat – Chewzie’s Monthly Newsletter: June

Feature Highlight Stock Control Want to offer limited availability for a menu item? Menu availability allows products and extras to be marked as either out of stock or marked as a number of items remaining. In the Chewzie Backoffice, simply adjust the quantity remaining for that menu item, or mark it as sold out. These […]