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Case Study: Sunset smiles with Chewzie

  Case Study: Chewzie + Steel Tree @ Sunset, Rockingham WA   The Western Australian town of Rockingham overlooks the Indian Ocean and has Insta-worthy sunsets almost every afternoon. Located south of Perth, it is a hotspot for summer holiday-makers.  The owners of Steel Tree @ Sunset purchased their casual dining venue right when COVID […]

Save the Earth and Your Bottom Line: Five tips for building a more sustainable hospitality business

Cutting your hospitality business’s carbon footprint while posting a profit can seem like a daunting task, but it’s becoming easier than ever to do your bit for the planet. Here are our top five tips for hospitality businesses, to reduce waste, increase revenue and lower pressure on staff.  Create a customisable menu Did you know […]

Hospitality staff shortages: Smart ways to sidestep this frustrating problem

Overcome hospitality staff shortages without losing money Australia has been suffering from a lack of hospitality workers since last year’s lockdowns ended. The industry was one of the hardest hit by the pandemic and even though it is back in full swing, job applicant levels are at a two-year low. This is partially thanks to […]