Role: Consumers

Food Hero

Chewzie works hard for any role in your business, including diners and customers

Diners & Customers love Chewzie as they can skip the cue and order from the comfort of their own table without having to provide any personal details, and still have the flexibility to customise their order, or pay how they want including splitting bills.

They will love…

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Fastest Way To Order

Skip the queue and order from the comfort of their table using the fastest platform available

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No Personal Details

Scan, order and pay without giving away any personal details

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Order and pay how they want, with features to customise orders, shout others, split bills and order another round

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Earn loyalty points or get membership perks, and see exclusive deals and promotions

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Simple, visually appealing menu with an easy, intuitive order flow process


Consumers still feel supported by waitstaff, who are less busy with taking orders and have more time to provide an excellent service experience

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