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“It’s quick, easy and simple for customers”

Chewzie’s latest customer experience story features General Manager Michael from the incredible Beachcomber Cafe and Bar on the St Kilda Esplanade.

Implementing Chewzie has empowered staff at the 700-seat beachfront venue to feel better supported and create an improved customer experience for diners, while Beachcomber’s customers enjoy the order customisation and easy ordering without personal details.

Watch Beachcomber’s Chewzie journey, and do yourself a favour by taking a day trip to this seaside venue.

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Featured Venues

Welcome to the Chewzie family

Here is a snapshot of some of the great venues that have gone live with Chewzie this month:

  • Tropic Vice
  • Yassas Docklands, Eastland & Southland
  • Buzz Bistro Gasworks
  • Barcelona Tapas Bar
  • Curry n Cask Cordina
  • Morgans Bar & Grill
  • Jurien Bay Beach Cafe
  • Cafe Neptune

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Feature Highlight

Promoted Categories

Menu categories can be promoted to highlight a current active promotion.

A menu category promotion can include specific products from that category, and will be highlighted by displaying at the top of the menu with a header image.

A great example of how to use promoted categories is with a happy hour promotion. Simply choose your promoted beverage category, add the drinks included in the promotion, and create an eye catching happy hour image.

The Chewzie Team