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The leading table ordering solution for loyalty and gaming venues

Chewzie is the only table ordering platform that has a comprehensive in-built loyalty program with the ability to integrate with third party loyalty programs and gaming loyalty providers.

Loyalty Features

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Support for unlimited tiers to membership (eg platinum, gold, silver, bronze etc)

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Single Sign On

SSO Support for third party loyalty providers to avoid the need to separately login to get access to member benefits


Member specific pricing and promotions, customisable by tier

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Points accrual (earning) and redemption (burning)

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Coffee Cards

Digital version of everyday coffee cards

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Coming soon! Ability to integrate with industry leading email and SMS marketing platforms

Searching for specific loyalty requirements?

Chewzie is the most flexible table ordering platform available, with the ability to integrate with a range of loyalty providers, and a designated tech team able to find a solution for any hospitality venue searching for a loyalty or gaming loyalty integration.

Loyalty providers we integrate with

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Max com

Stay tuned for more loyalty integrations coming soon…

It’s free to join!