Venue Staff

Role: Venue Staff


Chewzie works hard for any role in your business, including venue staff

Venue Staff love that Chewzie supports them in their job, by assisting to take orders and taking the pressure off during peak times, while also guaranteeing no lost orders

They will love…

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No Lost Orders

Guaranteed no lost orders with Chewzie’s ‘direct to printer’ technology

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Feeling Supported

Support waitstaff by assisting to take orders and freeing up staff to create excellent customer experiences

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Less Pressure

Assisting to take the pressure off waitstaff during peak times, reducing customer queues and frustration

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Chewzie’s white glove service ensures thoughough onboarding and staff training.

Customer Communications

Option for in-app messaging to set customer expectations around wait times

Speed of Service

Customer orders go straight to the kitchen or bar, making wait staff service speed much faster

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