Owners & Managers

Role: Owners & Managers


Chewzie works hard for any role in your business, including top level management

Owners & Managers love Chewzie due to increased revenue, lower costs, streamlined timeframes, easy support and financial transparency.

They will love…

Increase Order Value

Increase average order value by at least 15%, guaranteed.

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Creating experiences

Staff save time on taking orders and have more time to interact with customers and create experiences.

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Optimise time-to-serve with the fastest ordering solution on the market.

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Zero cost

Zero cost to the venue with the ability to pass on up to 100% of the fees.


Chewzie’s 24/7 industry leading Support Team means we are here for you whenever you are open

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White glove onboarding

Chewzie’s onboarding team ensures your venue and staff are running from day one.

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