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Save your kitchen with Smart Dockets!

The purpose of the Smart Printer Docket Queue is to prevent flooding of dockets to the kitchen.

The objective is to keep the runner filled with dockets, then print dockets at a manageable rate for the kitchen and waiters. Venues can also display a wait time to customers ordering on the app when the print queue is enabled.

In the Chewzie Backoffice, simply navigate to Dockets and Printers, then Kitchen Docket Printers, select the required printer and then enable the Smart Docket Queue.

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Featured Venues

Welcome to the Chewzie family

Here is a snapshot of some of the great venues that have gone live with Chewzie this month:

  • Alexandra Hills Hotel, QLD
  • Alley Cat Coolum, QLD
  • Granite Magnetic Island, QLD
  • Phat Boy Brisbane, QLD
  • Montague Hotel, QLD
  • Lotus Cafe and Catering, QLD
  • Surfers Paradise Beach Club, QLD
  • Saccharomyces Beer Cafe, QLD
  • Cafe Leura, NSW
  • Hello Sam, VIC
  • Ground Earth Cafe, NSW
  • Bakehouse on Eyre, QLD
  • Crinitis Perth, WA
  • Deedot Coffee House, QLD
  • Curry ‘n’ Cask, QLD
  • Crinitis Paramatta, NSW
  • Endeavour Tap Rooms, NSW
  • Karalee Tavern, QLD


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Featured Article

Why diners love table ordering apps

While the technology existed before the pandemic, ordering at your table with the help of QR codes and menu apps rose dramatically between 2020 and 2022.

In fact, one provider reported 383% growth in QR table ordering in just 12 months. This is no doubt thanks to convenience as well as necessity.

If you own or operate a cafe, bar or restaurant but feel cautious about adding QR table ordering as an option because you’re worried it may impact customer experience, here are a few points to consider…