chewzie impact data

Exciting news for venue owners and marketers! Chewzie, the popular at-table ordering platform, has announced a new partnership and integration with Impact Data, an automated customer engagement & retention platform. This integration will provide venues with a powerful toolset to streamline their marketing efforts driving more orders, more often!

By combining the power of Chewzie’s ordering and payment capabilities with Impact Data’s marketing automation tools, restaurants can create personalised promotions and offers for their customers, send targeted email and SMS campaigns, and track the effectiveness of their marketing efforts in real-time.

This partnership is a win-win for both venues and patrons. With targeted marketing efforts, restaurants can increase revenue and customer loyalty, while customers enjoy a seamless, personalised dining experience. With the increasing demand for QR code ordering and payment options, Chewzie and Impact Data provide a valuable solution for venues looking to adapt to changing consumer preferences.

Overall, this partnership and integration between Chewzie and Impact Data is a significant step forward for the hospitality industry, providing an innovative solution to streamline operations and drive revenue growth!

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