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While the technology existed before the pandemic, at-table ordering with the help of QR codes and menu apps rose dramatically between 2020 and 2022. In fact, one provider reported 383%
growth in QR table ordering in just 12 months. This is no doubt thanks to convenience as well as necessity.

If you own or operate a cafe, bar or restaurant but feel cautious about adding QR table ordering as an option because you’re worried it may impact customer experience, here are a few points
to consider:

Menu apps save time

Even if you work in hospitality yourself, you will be familiar with the frustrating period when you’re looking around for a waitperson to take your order.

With a menu app, customers can place their order the moment they are ready. This is so helpful for hungry diners, especially in a busy venue.

Menu apps let you add to your order

Forget to add drinks or fries? Again, flagging down a busy waiter can be difficult.

Menu apps like Chewzie allow customers to update their orders whenever they need to. And if they want to leave a long break between mains and dessert, they’re welcome to.

Menu apps minimise confusion

The human brain can only store so much information at a time. Even the most switched-on waiter can mishear or become overwhelmed when taking orders during peak times. There is
nothing more frustrating for a customer than a mixed-up order but with a menu app, they can double-check that they will get exactly what they have asked for before they pay.

Fewer stuff-ups = happier customers and less stress for everyone.

Menu apps don’t make human contact redundant

Even if a customer doesn’t place an order with a waiter, they are still greeted at the door, taken to their table and served their food by someone from the venue. When there are menu apps in
place, staff will also have more time to check on customer satisfaction after the food arrives.

There is always the option for customers to place an order with someone in person as well; having a QR table ordering system just gives people more choice and flexibility.

If patrons do wish to order from a staff member, Chewzie offers ‘WaiterMode’ so the kitchen receives food requests in a uniform way.

It’s easy to order another round

This benefits venues as well as its customers; if an app has an ‘Another Round’ feature, it’s very easy to place the same order again (and increase spend).

Finally… a solution for bill splitting

QR table apps allow big groups to place orders and pay as individuals without the need to divide a large bill at the end of the night. There is no discussion, no confusion and no frustration
around things like corkage or who had dessert.

People like the convenience of technology

Though many hospitality venues believe their customers prefer face-to-face contact, statistics show 67% of customers prefer to order digitally when they are at a venue.

The main reason to visit a venue is to catch up with friends, family, clients or colleagues. Having a table ordering app means people are not interrupted and can place an order when they are

For those with communication difficulties, a menu app can be a game-changer and make dining out a far more pleasant experience.

There is no need to download an app to your phone

Some people find it overwhelming to sign up to a new app and wait for it to download onto their device. Modern QR-activated table apps don’t need anybody to install an app. The link opens
and you can order with a few clicks.

Thousands of Australian venues now provide QR technology that customers find convenient and easy to use.

To find out more about the market-leading solution, contact Chewzie today.